Brazilian Importers Directory

The Brazilian Importers Directory contains information on export-related operations from 2012 to 2018. The Brazilian Importers Directory is an important database that can help identify international partnerships and disseminate information about Brazilian imports. It is a tool to promote Brazil’s import as well as your export business opportunities in Brazil.

The Brazilian Importers Directory provides a valuable source of information for foreign companies or organizations who want to do trade cooperation with Brazilian corporations. It is also an important research tool for international companies interested in increasing businesses in Brazil, building partnerships or implementing investments with Brazilian companies.

The directory of Brazilian importers provided by Tradedigits allows you to access to Brazilian buyers with their contact information directly, which is a useful supplement to Tradedigits’s global import and export data. The directory includes information as follows: product name, buyer’s name, telephone number, fax number, address, etc.. The five major information are all transferred from the local customs data and are highly targeted.

Matters been care of in Brazilian Foreign Trade

Matters been care of in Brazilian Foreign Trade

As the largest country in Latin America, Brazil has the fifth largest population in the world. Its GDP and import and export trade all share remarkable performance.

One thing to remind the sellers is that the value declaration is the most stringent link of Brazilian customs inspections, and they even do not mind checking the declaration documents one by one. It would greatly reduce the time for delivery of the goods if sellers submit the complete declaration information, HS code, and sales website of the goods to the customs at a time. When the Customs check about the declared value of the goods, as long as the price is reasonable, they will not make troubles as they know the price contains profits.

In addition to the tax code, we must also pay attention to the HS code. Each product has its own product code in the customs, each code corresponds to a different tax units and tax rates and other information. In China, HS code is generally in 10-digit, while in most Europe countries, 8-digit code is popular, so is in Brazil. It’s true that when a country wants to import goods, it needs to use the HS codes of its own. so, goods sold to Brazil should use Brazil’s import HS code. Sellers can query Brazilian trade codes through the website of South American General Trade.

Brazil Customs Import and Export Data (BRCD) reveals the detailed international trade activities of Brazilian import and export companies in the world, helping you to develop and enhance the company’s international trade business in Brazil and even around the world.