Paraguay Customs Import Data

Paraguay’s main trading partners are Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy and so on. The main export products are grain, plant oil, meat and so on. Foreign capital mainly comes from the United States, Brazil, and Argentina. The investment is concentrated in the food, processing, textile, and chemical industries. As the political situation in Pakistan continues to be turbulent, the investment environment is poor, and the net inflow of foreign capital has dropped significantly.

Information Paraguay customs import data mainly provides:

Bill of lading number, arrival date, good desc., consignor, consignor’s address, consignor’s location, consignee, consignee’s address, notifier, notifier’s address, carrier, G weight, weight unit, containers, start port, end port, packages, unit(of packages), trans type, size unit, vessel name, vessel size, carrier abbreviation, voyage no., origin country, marks, and HS code.

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