International trade data provider

Tradedigits is a trade intelligence and market research company that helps importers and exporters learn about the market situation and trend, find suppliers or buyers, monitor competitors’ trade activities and make better business strategies by its comprehensive and accurate global export and import data and trade intelligence reports.

Since 2013, we have served hundreds of customers and have evolved into a market leader who understands market needs, changes and trend. We analyze and process export and import data based on customers’ needs and provide them international intelligence reports.

We help importers, exporters, manufacturers, research companies, logistics and transportation companies and banks to expand their business to a new level. Our global trade data and trade intelligence reports will definitely take your business to a new peak.

What services can Tradedigits’s customs data provides?

Foreign trade market research

Tradedigits conducts in-depth research on policies and regulations on global exports and key foreign markets, and study on the entry barriers of major markets and local governments’ attitudes towards a target product. It especially strengthens research on emerging global markets, so as to help foreign trade companies to enter overseas markets.

Market demand analysis

Tradedigits researches the demands in target market from multiple dimension such as global imports and exports, regional imports and exports, regional selling quantity, etc., which enables its users to grasp the demand changes in target markets from different dimensions, so as to optimize products and marketing strategies. If you properly and timely adjust your production and marketing strategies according to the changes of market demands, then you can escape business risks.

Supply chain research

Tradedigits’s international business intelligence data information platform provides users with supply chain research report in a target market, helping users to know different levels of distributional channels and find ways to enter the market. By this way, the users save time and labor cost to explore and enter a new market. So take the advantages of the information platform and try to enter your target market quickly!

Price analysis

In the International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform, you can search out the price analysis of the products you are interested in in a target market. Through the platform, you can view the global export price analysis, regional export price analysis, overseas import price analysis, and partial local retail price analysis of a specific product. So, the users can master the overall prices in the entire international trade chain, which helps them to optimize their price strategies and even increase the profit margin.

International trade data reports